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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Jingle Bell Meet Week

This weekend, T2Aquatics is sending 120 plus athletes of all ages to the Clearwater Aquatic Club's "Jingle Bell" meet.  It's my opinion that US Club swimmers do well with three "Championship" meets per year -- one in December, one in the Spring, and one at the end of the summer.  This meet will be the first "team" Championship meet of our season, and we're really excited to perform well.

It should be noted that in Florida, High School-aged athletes swim in their HS State Championships in November.  We do take this meet seriously, but it's a different type of experience for our athletes....they only swim two events, and it only takes one day.  Many of our athletes excel in events like the 200s of each stroke, the 400 IM, and the 1650 -- none of which are offered at High School States.  For this reason we choose to focus on our December Championship meet from the beginning of the fall, and swim the Florida HS Championships "enroute".

One of the great things about this meet will be the fact that our entire team will be involved....from our 10 and under athletes to our National/International-level performers.  For our youngest athletes to get the chance to see our oldest and most accomplished athletes race is invaluable to their development; and likewise for our older athletes to compete alongside our youngest athletes the competition offers them a different type of leadership opportunity, while simultaneously re-connecting them with their "competitive roots".

Tune in to this website for a psyche sheet, and results: http://www.fastswimresults.com/

Additionally, you may be able see the meet streamed live at floridaswimnetwork.com -- if they can 
get their Internet connection working. 

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