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Monday, 10 December 2012

To Start a Tradition....


I've tended to be part of teams with "Tradition".  I can say, as a coach, tradition helps -- particularly when you've got some positive momentum.  Tradition is dependant upon momentum!

But now, with a new team (T2 Aquatics is just over two years old) -- I don't have tradition to work with.  So, what to do?! 

The answer is: Start a Tradition!  What an exciting concept....to be part of something which creates.....I get to create a culture, create an attitude -- and be involved on the ground floor!

There's an immense amount of PRIDE that goes along with this beginning stage on our team here at T2 Aquatics.  To those of us who are here now, and anyone coming through our program over the next few years.....it's up to US to create that which we think is possible.  We are FORMING the tradition that will be built upon for years to come!

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