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Saturday 19 January 2013

Per-Race Routine Part One

Coming down the pipe...will be a "how-to" regarding Pre-Race (meet) warmup routine.  It's amazing to me how many athletes just don't get the importance of "getting ready" -- and instead they just do whatever they feel like dong, whenever they feel like it.  There is no "routine" to it, there is no sense of "timing the warmup" so it happens before the race at the appropriate time, and there is little/no importance placed on it!

Personally, I have failed to teach this concept to my athletes in the 30 months I've spent at T2 Aquatics (the athletes have failed to learn and so I have failed to teach).  I plan to take yet ANOTHER step tomorrow. I'll outline the plan on this blog, and post how my next step goes.

Here's to hoping for the best. 

1 comment:

  1. Something I am always working on as well. "Swinging arms is enough warm-up, right coach" Interested to see how you get it in their heads.