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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Proswimworkouts.com -- New Post

I posted a workout that appeared on Proswimworkouts.com last week.  Here's a link:


We are trying to get our 400-1500 guys doing some good work (of course!).  This was a good set. 

Yesterday we went 9x500 SCY -- 3 on (555); 3 on (545); 3 on (535) -- descend 1-3 x3.  The first one of each set of three was faster than the previous round; the second one of each set was faster than the previous round; and the third one of each set got faster than the previous round.  True to the way I thought it would go: the guys who tend to be a little bit quicker in the 1650/1500 were the ones who could do a strong 3 set descend as described (descending 9-6-3/8-5-2/7-4-1 in terms of "speed rankings" through the set)....... All were good and at least close to this, and all will do this set again soon.

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