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Sunday 24 March 2013

Coach Bob Steele visits Naples / T2 Aquatics

Today's T2 Aquatics practice was a nice change of pace, made possible by Coach Bob Steele.  Coach Steele is a "USA Swimming Master Coach" -- which means that USA Swimming has asked Coach Steele (along with Coach Jon Urbanchek) to travel to certain teams around the USA, as a consultant for High Level 18 and Under swimming success.

This morning Coach Steele made a more "informal" visit to T2 Aquatics (he and his wife are on a short 3 day vacation to visit family in Naples).  He played a few games with our athletes that incorporated swimming skills/speed, as well as a great sense of FUN.  My favorite game was called "Rock Band or Racehorse".  Part of Coach Steele's philosophy has to do with "engagement": an engaged athlete, who is attentive to what is happening during practice, will tend to be more focused throughout the workout -- and achieve better workout results.

Coach Steele has written an awesome book for coaches: Games-Gimmicks-Challenges

You can buy the book, read more about Coach Steele, or surf through an amazing resource library at:

View Coach Steele's motivational talk with our team members here (uploaded to Youtube): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5PajewrxVo  The discussion centered around "Being the Best you Can Be" -- and it highlighted three things that determine success: Skill, Fitness, and Motivation


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  1. Extremely powerful talk by Coach Steele! Thanks for sharing this video Paul.