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Thursday 7 February 2013

Age Group Sets

I like to allow our T2 Aquatics coaches to "figure it out" for themselves in terms of coaching athletes to improve.  I believe a huge part of becoming a great coach is "figure it out" part....getting athletes age 9-12 to swim well and go fast has very little to do with seasonal planning and everything to do with daily learning and daily success.  The coach who sees the athlete every day is the one who is in charge of figuring this sort of thing out.

However, I'm going to ask our T2 Aquatics staff members to do a few simple sets this week.  These sets are:

A.10x100 Free {on either 1:15, 1:20, 1:25, 1:40....depending on the training group}

B. 10x50 Stroke (1:10) {do this one time Fly, one time Back, one time Breast over the course of 10 days}

C. 15 Minutes (minimum) of "focused" stroke work each day (this is stroke work that is done in 25 yard increments, and is done with technical improvement in mind).

Each coach is going to record average times for each athlete.....which will give us an idea about how to design some sets next week that build off this week's results.

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