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Saturday, 19 December 2015

200 Freestyle Predictors

I was thinking about a way to get people to understand what they have to do to perform certain times in competition.  It ain't magic!

Athletes want the times, but they must be ready to accept the training that it takes to get the times.

Here is the cheat sheet:



  1. Very interesting Paul. Very Challenging goals. Not sure my 1:48.8 female freestyle can accomplish any of those targets. :/

  2. I would say the average is 3 out of 5 for athletes I've seen hit the top tier of this chart. Two athletes I've worked with, Katie Hoff and Dan Madwed, have hit 5 out of 5. I have an athlete who is currently a 1:48.2 Freestyler who has not hit even 1 of the 5! She is a very good racer, but also is not super consistent with being able to go 1:48 anytime she wants. My hunch is that the closer an athlete gets to 5 out of 5, the more repeatable the high level racing times will be.

  3. what interval do you use for the matching stroke count 50's. Thanks!

  4. What interval do you use for the matching stroke count 50's? Thanks!

  5. What interval do you use for the stroke count matching 50's? Thanks!

  6. Sorry for the delay in answering! I start off with no interval, and go one 25 or one 50 at a time (kind of like a 15 minute session with the entire group going a 25 every 60-120 seconds….lots of dialogue and watching teammates do it correctly or not quite correctly). After I feel like I've got more than half of the group doing a decent job with the 25s or 50s…then I will start a more "normal" training set with them. Typically I'll do 16x50 (1) or (110), every 4th at a Stroke Count & Time goal. I like the 3x50 in between because it offers 3-3:30 of time during which I can speak with the athletes and guide them towards the end goal. After that…when I've got people doing it well, I'll design a series of sets for them that may start with 20x50 (110) or (115). LCM I start with 1:15 or 1:20. 24x50 of holding stroke + time is very tough! The expectation in this case is to use the first 8-10 to "get there" (maybe be within 1 stroke of the goal, and 1-2 seconds of the goal). I don't even time the athletes til there's 12 to go….just talk technically with them….I want the stroke count and kick count to be there. Then after 8-10 50s…they are pretty much where they need to be, I'll time them through the end of the set. We typically start this work in the Spring, leading into the Summer. 24x50s will be repeated one time, then we go to 20x50, then 16 for a session or three, then down to 12 and 10x50s once we are in late May/June (OT year) or June/July (normal year). Once we are within the last 3 weeks, I'll start to go 16x50 (110) only evens Fast Stroke Count (odds drill or Freestyle cruise)….then I take that down to 12x50 every other or 12x50 every 3rd….and so on. The last 10 days we'll be doing sets of 12 or 8, every 4th fast or every other fast depending on the athletes and what I think they need. Hope that helps!