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Saturday, 20 October 2012

200 Yard Free Goal Pace Chart

We did a 200 "Pace" set today.  During the set, I asked the athletes to hit their 200 Goal pace on some 75 yard freestyle repeats.  It's tough to say what those splits should be (everyone splits differently), but here's a general idea of what I look for.  I handed out this sheet to the athletes this morning.  Feel free to copy and paste, or send me a comment or email and I'll send you a clean copy sometime next week.
200 Goal Paces:                   1st 50 (dive)           1st 75      2nd 75

1:35.5                                    22.5                        36.5        36.5

1:37.7                                    23.0                        37.25      37.25

1:39.5                                    23.5                        38.0        38.0

1:41.5                                    24.0                        38.75      38.75

1:43.5                                    24.5                        39.5        39.5

1:45.5                                    25.0                        40.25      40.25

1:47.5                                    25.5                        41.0        41.0

1:49.5                                    26.0                        41.75      41.75

1:51.5                                    26.5                        42.5        42.5

1:53.5                                    27.0                        43.25      43.25

1:55.5                                    27.5                        44.0        44.0

1:57.5                                    28.0                        44.75      44.75

1:59.5                                    28.5                        45.5        45.5

2:01.5                                    29.0                        46.25      46.25

2:03.5                                    29.5                        47.0        47.0

2:05.5                                    30.0                        47.75      47.75


  1. How much rest on repeats do you feel is necessary to be able to hold 200 pace. I know that it varies by kids and the number of repeats factors into that as well.

  2. I think this question is the crux of training 200 pace. If we can get them to do 200 Pace as a set of 4x50 (1), then to me the next step is to bring down the rest interval -- not the "Pace". I like having the pace time (variable) stay constant through a period of 4-6 weeks, then bring the intervals (another variable) and stroke count (yet another) down as you progress through the season.

  3. Paul, what is the formula you use to figure out the splits? I would to extend this type of chart to go a little beyond 2:05. Thanks!

  4. Ryan -- I just "ball-parked it" ...based off some of my athlete's current splits. I thought about their 50 splits (current) and figured out what their 75s would be. Of course, MOST swimmers are NOT going to be even on their final two 75s....most are going to be plus .75 or something, even with a pretty well-split 200. But I think that when planning practice paces we should always ask for a bit more on the back end. The front end "predictions" we make should be conservative....when they do their big swim we should be "pleasantly suprised" that they are 3 tenths ahead of their predicted first 50 -- with the knowledge that we trained the back half well.

    Additionally, when they see the splits they have to go on a swim like the 200 I hope they look at the first 50 and say to themselves "ok, I can do that easily" -- and also, that they tell themselves "I'm going to have to work to be able to get that last 75". Maybe this prevents "overswimming" the first 50 of their 200s?!

  5. .....Once I started with this chart, it was pretty easy. I added .50 per 50, and .75 per 75 as I added each 2 second increment on the goal time side. To go over 2:05, just keep adding .50 to the 50 and .75 to the 75s to get each 2 second increase.