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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Underwater Kick Contest -- Monday January 7 2013

Last Monday, we stopped our planned warmup a bit early and had a little fun with racing.  I split my group of 8 into groups of 2, and we competed.  The distance was 25 yards and the task was kicking, underwater.

Here's the second round, with 4 swimmers already having been eliminated.

Here's the final:

I was pretty happy with this 10 minute exercise.  We had one boy go 11.1 3 times, and a girl at age 13 going 11.5, 11.4, 11.4).  The other girl in the Semi -Finals was 12.low (even though I gave her a 11.9 which wasn't accurate after viewing the video....her finish wasn't as good as my watch's finish). 

I'd love to have all 8 under 11.5 in 6 weeks, and the two girls 10.6-11.1 in 4-5 months of less.  We can do it if we value it and train it weekly.

I noticed an increased sense of underwater awareness and basically I thought everyone was kicking just a little bit better during the final hour of our workout -- which was an aerobic set.  They weren't kicking very far underwater, but the athletes who don't steamline unless I'm all over them to do it -- they were streamlining...and the athletes who streamline but don't go fast generally were going a little faster and moving more efficiently.

It was a good day all around!



  1. Very cool. I threw this in to the end of practice this morning. My fastest boy was 11.4 and my fastest girl was 13.2. Too many of them were way slower than that.

    My group is made up of a couple Sectional qualifiers and one NCSA Junior qualifier and mostly our LSC Senior Champs kids. They seemed to get the point (theny need to get faster) and enjoyed the racing.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for commenting -- that cool to hear you did the set. My problem is that I tend to not come back to this stuff enough. We have got to do it again next week.