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Monday 29 October 2012

Text-Free Driving Pledge

As swimming coaches, it is our responsibility to educate our athletes in the sport of swimming .  Often, this education is regarding swimming-related actions, for which our athletes are repsponsible.  At times, this education is regarding "hidden training" -- the actions outside of the pool that impact our athlete's lives. 

I believe that at times, it's important that we use our role as educators to help create positive habits that simply help an athlete navigate their life in a positive, healthy way.  This is not "swimming-related" stuff here -- directly.  But it's life related stuff.  And swimming is a part of life!

Just as coaches (for decades) have been talking about the dangers of "drinking and driving" -- this generation of coaches may want to consider another major epidemic affecting teens today: "Texting and Driving". 

Certainly, "Texting and Driving" is a potentially deadly habit -- and one which we, as coaches, may not be able to fully prevent.  After all, we can't control every aspect of our athlete's lives.  But personally speaking, I recognize that "Texting while Driving" is a major problem for people of all ages -- and I do have some concern that there are people on the roads today that are not fully engaged in their civil duty as a safe driver because of the lure of a mini-computer disguised as a phone.

I want my athletes to think twice -- and potentially avoid texting as a matter of lifestyle behind the wheel.  Because I consider it a very important initiative, I have 'strongly encouraged' my athletes to take this "Text-Free Driving Pledge".    Thanks to Barren-Collier HS Junior Marshall King for  composing this Pledge sheet for our team at T2 Aquatics, and for putting some detailed educational information on the sheet for our athletes.

If any coaches or athletes would like a copy of this "Text Free Driving Pledge", I'd be happy to send it to you.  Leave a comment and your email address, or email me at paul@t2aquatics.com


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