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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday's Workout

Today's workout for Erika Erndl follows a strong Monday/Tuesday where we did the following:

Monday AM: resistance training (work on the buckets) followed by some assisted sprints
Monday PM: 10x100 Kick (130) Best Average, some pulling, and an aerobic threshold set.
Tuesday PM: 6 rounds of {100 Free (120) + 75 BBF (110) + 50 Free (1) + 3x25 easy (45)} ...with the 100s descended 1-3 and Negative Split.
Wednesday AM: more resistance training followed by some short FINS work with Fly.

Now....for Wednesday afternoon

3x300: Free IM (410) + Kick-Drill (5) + Pull (4)
3x200: Free IM (250) + Kick-Drill (320) + Pull (240)
3x100: Free IM (125) + Kick-Drill (140) + Pull (120)

16x25 (30) Free, Fly Drill, Free, Fly Swim Fast with perfectly timed finish

3x300 (4) Free with short fins ....HR at 25-26

Main Series:

8 rounds of.....

100 (120) {50 Free Kick + 50 Free Swim}
50 (1)       {25 Fly Kick on Front with small scull + 25 Fly Drill 2R 2L 3Full}
50 (1)       {50 Fly Swim descend 1-4 x2}

(The interval should be fairly short on the 100s, then easier on the 50s.  ALL repeats should be strong -- not just the 50 Fly, but the 50 Fly should be a bit stronger in terms of intensity than the rest of the set).

200 easy

8x50 (1)   {Short FINS Breast Pull -- one kick per pull -- Fast}

200 easy

It would be awesome if other coaches/athletes did the workout and posted times and comments!

Of note, to clarify some things: Erika trains by herself multiple times per week...and this one of those days.  My Senior athletes (18 and under) do similar type of training -- particularly the girls -- although for many of them their total volume is a bit more.   The practices are longer, and the main sets are longer. My distance boys (which is most of my youngers guys) don't do this type of thing too often...they are going much more 30-40 minute threshold sets and longer active rest sets.   


  1. Great concepts. I am going to try this with a couple athletes this evening and will post the results afterwards. Thanks Paul!

  2. Did the set at tonight's workout. We did it in a 25-yd pool. I Had three HS aged (16-17yr old) swimmers do it (100 yd fly times in parenthesis)- Luke (54.7), Alex (53.6), Meghan (1:01.4). I changed the interval of the 100s to 1:30. All other instructions were the same.
    Splits of 50s Fly, rounds 1-8, left to right:

    Meghan- 33.5, 33.4, 32.9, 31.9/33.5, 33.1, 31.7, 30.6

    Alex- 31.8, 31.4, 30.5, 28.7/31.8, 30.4, 29.2, 27.3

    Luke- 30.2, 30.1, 29.5, 27.7/29.8, 28.8, 27.1, 26.7

    Now I don't know if there's any validity to this, but I think that taking the 8th split and doubling it can give me a decent indication of what they can do now in a race, or soon for a 100 yard fly. Meghan just went a 1:01.4 in a HS meet last evening, her PB, so doubling her last split = 1:01.2. That will hopefully give her confidence moving forward that she can/will keep getting faster. As for the boys, they have a meet coming up in 3 weeks so we'll see how it goes!

  3. Ryan -- that is great, and really cool Meghan was right on her 8th 50 doubled. Maybe this is a good set to do again at some point and "beat" -- giving them confidence they can go even faster. Erika Erndl did the set and finished with a few 27.3/27.2, and a 26.8 on the end. The last one for Erika would be right on her 100 time (53.6 or so I think).....

    I think there is definetly some validity to your assessment but I'd say that making sure they "stay honest" (comparitively) on the 100s, and the 50s Kick-Drill, as well as the first 7 50s is the key if the set is repeated (I guess that goes without saying but what the heck...)