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Thursday 16 August 2012

Something We May Not Notice....

Consider this set:

200 Free (230)
100 Kick (140)

Many training groups have this situation: lane leaders getting 15-20 seconds rest, while the swimmers going last in the lane are getting 3-8 seconds rest.  It's kind of the way it goes, unless you have a dozen athletes in your trianing group.  So as coaches we end up talking with the athletes who lead the lanes more often, and for a longer duration of time.  This also, is the way is goes.

But we don't want to neglect athletes who go last in the lane.  So how do we create time with these athletes?

1. Talk with the athletes before practice, about practice.  A one-minute conversation can go a long way.

2. Instruct the athletes between repeats during the warmup if you think you'll have a hard time instructing them during the main series of the day.  Stop an athlete at times if needed, then integrate them back into the warmup.

3. Time the athletes at the end of warmup in a 50 or 100 yard effort.  Or pit two relay teams against each other.  You can't do this often.  You don't want your entire team taking big breaks between the warmup and the main series.  But if you pick the right day it can create some success for the athlete in front of their peers, and in doing so creating a tigher team.

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